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Laser Gum Sculpting (Gum Contouring, Periodontal Plastic Surgery) - White Settlement, TX

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About Gum Sculpting

An abundance of gum flesh can hang over the top of the teeth and create a condition known as a "gummy look". This dental concern can be efficiently fixed with gum contouring with the help of a laser. Many dental practices refer to this as periodontal aesthetic surgery. At Saddle Brook Dental Care in White Settlement, TX our dentists perform gum contouring using a highly technical laser to easily and safely trim off excess gum flesh to present more of the tooth. While this service is sometimes known as an aesthetic treatment, gum contouring also helps a patient's oral hygiene by limiting the risk of infection by getting rid of areas where bacteria can hide. This assists in lowering the chance for periodontal disease and gum infections.

What to Expect

Gum reshaping and laser contouring can be completed directly inside our dental practice in White Settlement, TX using a light numbing agent to control any discomfort. It is common for patients to have anxiety regarding a dental treatment, so our dentists are available to offer sedation for individuals who cannot relax during treatment. When the treatment begins the gums and tooth enamel will be rinsed and thoroughly dried and then the laser device will delicately remove layers of gum tissue so that the gum looks smooth and even. The gum contouring laser at Saddle Brook Dental Care also assists to decrease bleeding and seal the shape of the gumline.

Treatment Aftercare

The treated gum tissue may be swollen and inflamed for a short time following gum reshaping, but with consistent brushing, flossing, and mouthwash, the swelling will clear up and the gums will feel normal quickly. Our dentists will discuss the post-procedure guidelines along with possible antibiotics to help return to normal faster. Dental exams and cleanings at Saddle Brook Dental Care are encouraged to help maintain healthy gums.

Insurance Coverage

A laser contouring treatment for the gums may or may not be applied under insurance. Even though it is considered an aesthetic dental service, but some cases may need this treatment for dental care purposes. The staff at Saddle Brook Dental Care will research each patient's coverage to get a better idea of their out-of-pocket expenses.

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More Tooth, Less Gum

Abnormal gum tissue cause an unwanted smile. Gum contouring at Saddle Brook Dental Care in White Settlement, TX can improve this dental abnormality efficiently without surgery. In addition to getting a attractive new smile, your dental health will also improve, decreasing the risk for periodontal disease. Contact us to schedule an appointment with our dentists for more information.

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